Turnbull at American Museum of Natural History

 Press Release
In the Arms of Africa
Turnbull in NYC 1959
Colin Turnbull at his New York City apartment, 1959. Photographer unknown. Courtesy of the Avery Research Center. "I wondered how I had agreed to let Joe come back again and invade this private place...Deep feelings were aroused that I had not felt since I had been in love with (my fiancé) Kumari."

Card from Colin to Joe
A typical holiday card from Colin Turnbull to Joe Towles, whom he called Josephine. Courtesy of the Avery Research Center. In 1988, Colin Turnbull wrote to several of his friends, "I am sure all of you know that we have been what are generally called 'lovers' (a singularly inadequate term for our relationship) for over twenty-nine years."

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