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In the Arms of Africa
Turnbull recording Mbuti language
Colin Turnbull recording Mbuti language and music, 1953. Courtesy of the Avery Research Center. Patrice Lumumba handed the thumb piano to Turnbull, and when Turnbull had retuned it and started playing, Lumumba burst into guffaws of laughter: "That's how the Pygmies play it!"

Turnbull in Ituri Forest
Colin Turnbull in the Ituri Forest, 1951. Photographer unknown. Courtesy of the Avery Research Center. "(The song of the forest) echoes on and on, and it will still be there when our short lives are silences...until perhaps like us, it comes to rest in the deepest distance of some other world beyond...the dream world that is so real to the people of the forest."

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