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Turnbull's shrine to Joe and Sri Anandamayi Ma
Colin Turnbull's shrine to Joe and Sri Anandamayi Ma in his rented home, Kilmarnock, Virginia, 1993. Courtesy of the Avery Research Center. "I was given the opportunity to learn the highest of ideals, in Europe, India, and Africa. I was attempting to live up to them...when I met Joe. He never ceased to remind me of them."


Colin Turnbull (Lobsong Rigdol)
Colin Turnbull. (Lobsong Ridgol) holding a friend's baby, Gainesville, Florida, 1993. Photo by Michael Radelet, Courtesy of Michael Radalet. Colin told Thubten Norbu, the eldest brother of the Dalai Lama, "I want to be free of all my attachments so I can truly be free to help others. That means no less than self-perfection...I will be a good monk, I promise."


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